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Hotel Esplendid

Hotel Esplendid is located in Blanes, just 300 metres from the beach. Blanes is known as the Gate to the Costa Brava", because it is the first town in this beautiful coastal area.

In fact, in Sa Palomera, a small island connected to land and marking the beginning of the Costa Brava, there is a recently built, arch-shaped monument. This is where the Costa Brava begins.

Besides, in Blanes you will enjoy wonderful walks by the sea, sunbathe on its incredible golden sand beaches and take a dip in the warm Mediterranean waters. No wonder why Blanes is one of the most visited destinations in the Costa Brava. Come and discover its delicious Mediterranean cuisine, the many leisure activities available, the beautiful landscapes and splendid bays and beaches.

There are also many other tourist attractions available, such as gardens, churches, chapels, or San Juan Castle. The latter is located in the highest spot, and you can admire the stunning views over the whole region from the castle. You can also take the “carrilet”, a little train touring all Blanes. Also remarkable is the Fiesta mayor de Blanes, the main celebration honouring Santa Ana and San Joaquín. It is celebrated from 21st to 27th July and hosts the biggest international firework display in Europe, with over half a million visitors.